Awesome place, great staff, everyone is so polite and they care so much about you, I recommend this place to everyone in my job and family, and also took my kids there, they give me different treatment options and help me decide which one was the one I was able to afford and of course fill my needs , since the last doctor I went were I thought I know more then him , I try not to auto diagnose my self and do the treatment as recommended by the dentist, I think was my best decision ever. the office manager was so helpful and knowledgeable, she was caring about everything even my biggest concern, MONEY.. she gives me a big discount and great payment options. I took my kids to this office and they are fascinated with the doctor, in every other office they cry and were so scared, now they are so happy fearless and they want to go back. thank you, doctor and staff, for your big help!


Great dentist who cares sincerely for her practice and patients. Thank you!


I just recommended this dentist to my girlfriend and realized I never wrote a review! This place is a life saver! I recently had to have an emergency root canal done. I went as soon as they opened and I was done by the afternoon. Everyone that works there is wonderful and friendly. It can get a bit expensive, but it's doable. I have found a cheaper dentist, but I don't wanna give up the experience I get here. They're just so personable and actually nice to be around. Come here, especially if you hate the dentist. They'll put you at ease. Oh also, you can't beat free exams and x-rays!